Published: 2 Jul 2009 by Corgi Childrens

“At last they emerged from the rising dust. A great party of strong-armed young women, all on horseback, their eyes and body pictures gleaming in the torchlight”

“Adele Geras is impressed by Theresa Tomlinson's adventure set in ancient Troy, The Moon Riders”

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“It is written as though someone is watching the whole thing. It is very gripping and I read it over and over again with joy. Theresa has a way of writing things that makes you keep reading her book over and over again” - Leanne Chapman

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ISBN 055254910X

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Published: 2 Jul 2009 by Corgi Childrens

“Some years had passed since the fall of Troy but Myrina and her Moon Riders are plagued by slavery, storm, shipwreck and strife. Is Myrina still the greatest survivor of them all?”

“Inventive, fast-paced and moving” - Peter Bramwell.

ISBN 0552551635

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